Tips For Covering Your Bathroom With Natural Stone

 Tips For Covering Your Bathroom With Natural Stone

The bathroom is the space with the highest humidity in the home since it is in permanent contact with water. The choice of Pro Stone Countertops for this area of ​​the home will bring you well-being, charm, and personality. You will only have to take into account which product is best suited and which decorative finish is the most appropriate. 

How To Install Stone In The Bathroom

In bathrooms, it is not recommended to use porous stones such as limestone or sandstone as they are more porous. Materials such as granite or marble are usually the most suitable for covering these areas of the home.

At the time of installation, the joints of the tiles must be waterproofed as much as possible to avoid water seepage.

This advice is especially important when the water is in permanent contact with the stone, in coatings for showers or bathtubs. But how to choose the ideal type of stone? Depending on the space, you will choose its use.

Granite Countertops For Bathroom Sinks

The granite is one of the best natural stones to the top of the sink. Its durability, beauty, and the infinite range of colors and finishes make it the most chosen material for the bathroom. In addition, as it is a hard material resistant to bumps or scratches, its maintenance is minimal.

It resists humidity very well and is not damaged by the effects of heat from radiators or hair straighteners, for example. The variety of finishes, such as polished, silk, or aged, allows the granite to be adapted to any decorative style in the bathroom, be it traditional or contemporary. 

Marble Coatings, The Most Elegant Option

Another of the materials most used in the countertops of the sinks is a marble. Of extraordinary beauty, thanks to its white color with gray veins, this natural stone is durable and resistant. 

Available in finishes such as polished and honed (matte), marble adapts to any style, although care must be taken with stains or scratches due to its porous nature.

Stone Walls In The Bathroom, The Natural Effect

Stone walls are perfect for the bathroom. Resistant against humidity, water, or different cleaning products, natural stone provides a rustic appearance that adapts very well to the decoration of bathrooms, even the most modern ones. Earth tones will better adapt to the bathroom wall as the colors are integrated into the most demanding interior design projects.

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