5 Tricks To Clean Forgotten Corners Of The House

 5 Tricks To Clean Forgotten Corners Of The House


Many of us think that proper home cleaning consists of cleaning the different spaces of the house, but have you ever wondered why the house does not shine as we expect?

 Some corners of the home that we do not take into account are forgotten and could be the main focus of why what is expected is not achieved.

 We have prepared this blog entry, for this reason, providing you with a series of tricks to clean the corners that we miss:

Methods To Clean The Forgotten Corners Of The House

  1. Carpets. First of all, we recommend reading all the information on the manufacturer’s instructions. These decoration elements are made with fabrics such as wool, vegetable fibers, thread, etc. that require specific treatment. Usually, vacuum, most carpets contain absorbent materials, making it the primary source of dust and dirt.

 In case you have stains like red wine, gum, etc. contact a carpet repair professional.

  1.    House roofs

Not all ceilings are indeed the same in materials or height. To clean it, you can use a dry cloth rolled up on a broom to remove all the dust (we recommend that you do this before thoroughly cleaning).

 If the ceiling contains stains, wipe it with a warm cloth with vinegar.

 When cleaning it, paint that area to cover any damage that may occur.

  1.    Rails:The rails of the windows are also part of the house. You may find an excessive amount of dust, even fungi, and insects. To clean it, we sprinkle baking soda, especially in the corners (where the dirt is much more concentrated), pour in a little vinegar and let the effervescent reaction remove the trash, with some cotton discs we press the edge of the rail to loosen any dirt that may remain in the joint.

 We pour a large amount of water, and it will be clean.

  1.    Washing machine and Dishwasher. They are a staple in most homes. For proper maintenance, we recommend washing without clothes or dishes to clean the filters.

 Add vinegar to both devices (believe us, you will get excellent results).

  1.    Garbage: It is the primary source of bacteria, fungi, and others. The accumulation of daily residues leads to bad odoris, so we recommend applying boiling water with vinegar. This way, we ensure that the dispenser does not give off any aggressive smell.

For all these utensils to be durable over time, we recommend you disinfect them with hot water and vinegar.

Also, if you need help from professionals, count on Euro maids. We will be delighted to assist you.


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