The Decking and Deck Builder You Choose Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Outdoor Space!

 The Decking and Deck Builder You Choose Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Outdoor Space!

Nothing beats having a group of close friends and family over for a beer and BBQ party. The sun is shining and the drink is chilled to perfection. Building a beautiful deck outside is one of the most visually striking methods to expand the amount of usable space in your home for hosting parties and other gatherings. With minimal effort, a deck may become an extension of your current layout, giving you and your family more usable space to spread out and relax.

Important Considerations

Decking is not merely a “extra,” incidental part of a structure. Adding a high-quality room or two to your home should enhance your quality of life and the resale value of your home.

If you have done any searching at all using the term “Deck Builders,” you know that you have a broad array of options when it comes to the construction of an outdoor decking. The question “But aren’t decks expensive?” may have crossed your mind. Or, “Who is going to take care of the system?” The range of possible building materials is practically endless, but some common examples include timber, steel, composite materials, and tile. But how do you get started on something when all you can see is a blank patch of grass? Apollo Patios’ employees are invaluable in this situation.

Critical Components of the Whole

The first step in building anything is to put in place the framework that will support your final product. Historically, this was achieved by placing a concrete slab. But in the present day, it is common to build above ground utilising a timber or steel framework, which was not the case in the past.

The deck will not warp or deteriorate over time, and it will have a much more modern appearance as a result. Without adopting this approach, neither of these accomplishments would have been doable.

The best alternate is to construct a steel framework beneath the building. Steel creates a base that is not only long-lasting but also nearly impregnable.


The deck’s flooring material is the most crucial element. It’s the part that has to hold up under the most abuse and is also the focal point of the room’s aesthetics, so it needs to be quite sturdy. There are essentially three options to select from when deciding what kind of flooring will be used in your space.

Following is a list of them:

Wooden Platforms

Wood is a classic material because of its classic look and feel. As unlucky as it may be, regular upkeep is essential. Some of us lack the expertise and time to perform the maintenance that is required to preserve a deck constructed of natural lumber in good condition. Maintenance tasks: sanding, staining, and painting. Without fail, each and every year. This goes on forever. Maintaining the beauty and integrity of a deck made from natural lumber takes time and effort. There are some great alternatives to traditional wood decking that can give you the same appearance and feel without the splinters if you’d rather spend your weekends doing something else.

Wood-Plastic Composite Flooring for Outdoor Use

Composite decking is usually made by blending several types of recycled plastic with wood fibres. Although engineered wood is far more durable and can endure a greater amount of wear and tear, natural timbers require much more frequent maintenance.

The Best of Indoors and Outdoors with Apollo Outdoor Flooring

The decks that make up your Patios are built using exclusive Outdoor Flooring from Vaughan deck companies. It has the aesthetic appeal of real wood and the practical benefits of composite decking.