How Long Can You Stall Replacing The Roof?

 How Long Can You Stall Replacing The Roof?

It is totally understandable if you are stalling the roof replacement process for a couple of months now by making minor repairs now and then. Roof replacement can be expensive and extensive but it is also the only thing sheltering your head from everything in the sky or atmosphere. Additionally, the longer you wait, the higher would be the cost of repairing the roof.

Roof maintenance is one of the things often miscalculated. Sometimes we overreact to the minor damages and other times we underestimate the damages.

Here are three signs that it’s time you should hire a contractor:

Sign 1: Shingles have a limited lifespan and they start showing obvious signs of wear. If your shingles look like peeling at different places or curling at the corners then it has started breaking down. Additionally, if you start to lose shingles to storms or wind then the lifespan has probably ended.

Sign 2: Discolored ceilings should get your attention! Any discolouration on the ceilings on the walls means there is moisture getting in from the roof. Moisture in the walls means there is a significant leak and it needs to be dealt with before fungi and other bacteria start penetrating.

Sign 3: There is something in the attic! We all can agree that attic issues are scarier than the monster in the dark. Attic issues are mostly caused by weather damages be it a hurricane or harsh winters. Check your roof for any breeze, draft, or sunlight coming, are the signs that your roof might need a professional inspection.

Does Cleaning Your Roof Prevent Damages?

Other than the factors mentioned above you can fairly stall replacing the whole roof  by maintaining it every season. An ineffective/  damaged roof can cause moisture damage and leaks. Weathers can be pretty impactful on the lifespan of the roof which is why seasonal cleaning is recommended.

Hurricane and heavy rainfall are two important weather conditions that affect your roof maintenance and also threaten several dangers. A roof cleaning company help remove the stress of branches and leaves from the roof which otherwise will cause the shingles to break.

The company also helps you clear out the debris and excessive water in the gutters due to the uncompromising rainfall.

Icicles or ice dams is another weather condition that can tear off gutters, loosen the shingles and even cause leaks. In winters there is a whole process of ice birth, growth and maturity over your roof. Any roof cleaning expert or company can help you clear ice dams which prevents paint peel, soggy insulation, mould and mildew. Moreover, when the temperature hits the freezing point rainwater (mostly) flows to the lowest point of your roof creating a form of large ice blocks that are of considerable weight.

You should get your roof cleaned by professionals because one it causes no hassle and two eliminating Debris, stains, moss, and lichen from the roof properly expends your roof lifespan and adds to the appearance and value of your house. We recommend that extreme weather should not be the only reason for roof cleaning.

Robert Desauza