What would be the best time to fertilize your Lawn?

 What would be the best time to fertilize your Lawn?

There is a lot of hard work behind a well-maintained Lawn and furnished grass. You need to keep in mind every factor regarding the problems you might face on your Lawn. However, if you consider the Lawn mowing service in Suwanee, you should look into this article about the perfect time for lawn fertilizing st charles mo.

Pointers to remember when fertilizing your lawn:

  1. Only fertilize during the best root growth.

Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue, and Ryegrass are the best grass types when you have a lawn with a cool environment. So, if you have any of these grasses, you should consider fertilizing in the winter season, as they grow the best in those times.

  1. Get some advice from Lawn mowing service centers.

Make sure you contact a good Lawn mowing center to get a good answer to this question. In addition, they will also tell you the proper technique for mowing your lawn. They are specialized in this specific field and will be able to clear your doubts on the specific problems you may have faced during Fertilization.

Best time to fertilize your lawn:

You need to make a schedule for fertilizing your lawn before anything. Some of the points mentioned below will help you get a good idea about the fertilization process.

  • Early spring

Spring means much more sunlight than the winter season, and there will be a higher temperature level. As a result, your lawn might get hungry this season. The perfect time to fertilize would be once in between February and April when you feel that grass is green enough.

  • Spring(late)

During this time, your grass is busier than usual and using all the stored-up energy, so you should fertilize the lawn from April to June after 6 weeks of early spring fertilization.

  • Summer season’

The humidity your grass has to face during this time is way higher than usual. That is why the grass needs to be fertilized in the month of June and August so that it can fight all the foot traffic and high temperature.

  • Winter season

The summer season must have given a high amount of damage to your grass, and it is just looking for nutrients at that time. As a result, you should provide those nutrients by fertilizing the Lawn. Between August and November is considered the winter season(fall), so after the 6 weeks of feed, you should fertilize the lawn during this particular time.

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