Things To Be Considered While Purchasing a Condo

 Things To Be Considered While Purchasing a Condo

One of the common things which we get to see in the urban condominiums is that the neighbors are very close. Now, this does not mean that you would not have any sort of privacy. But, you would likely share one common wall with them. It is, for this reason, one needs to consider their potential neighbors seriously before signing the dotted line to buy the Condo near Charoen Nakorn (De Lapis จรัญ 81, which is the term in Thai).

Some of the condo buildings attract a specific variety of people. Say, for instance, a particular building may be popularly catering to all the retirees. Others might be popular for all the young professionals while some mostly for college students. So, a young professional who is to start its career on its own would never find the building filled with retirees or senior citizens the right fit for him.

What are the aspects which you should not ignore?

Potential Neighbors: 

He is considered to be the main source of information in any condo building. The real estate agent would certainly provide you all the information from the neighbors. But, if you get a chance, do knock on the door, introduce yourself, and then inform him that you plan to buy the condo in the building. He would be able to provide you the insight into the condo. Most people would be happy to help. Now, keep in mind that if nobody is ready to talk with you, then probably you need to reconsider whether purchasing the particular condo is right for you?

Some of the common questions which you need to ask include:

  • Is this place a good one to live in?
  • What is the type of people who already dwell in that condo?
  • How long the persons have been residing in the condo?
  • Whether all the amenities and facilities offered kept up well or not?
  • Is the condo or building a safe place?
  • Would he recommend you to live there?
  • What is the most attractive aspect of living in this particular condo?

One needs to prioritize all the answers which need to be more important to an individual. Do talk with a couple of people to fetch information. However, make sure that you are engaging in conversation with genuine persons who would not intentionally give you misleading information.

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