The Biggest Benefits Offered by Installing a Metal Roof

 The Biggest Benefits Offered by Installing a Metal Roof



Metal roofing is now considered mainstream. Metal is considered a viable and smart option for almost all homes, except for structures with flat roofs. What is even better is that metal roofs don’t make it obvious they are made of metal. In fact, there are metal roofing products that mimic traditional asphalt shingles. If someone is wondering about metal roofing and if it is a good option for their home, they can learn more at They can also keep reading to find out all the benefits offered by metal roofing.

Metal Roofs Aren’t Just a Novelty Product

In the past, metal roofing was only available for higher-end, architect-designed structures. Today, though, metal roofs are used on all styles and types of homes. Metal roofing is showing up in conventional homes thanks to its growing availability and the improved manufacturing processes.

According to industry research, the market share for metal roofing has grown by about three percent per year for the past few years. Today, approximately fifteen percent of all new roofing installations will use metal roofing materials. This is all while the market share for traditional asphalt shingle roofing has dropped and now accounts for just 59% of all roofing installed.

Metal Roofing Can be installed over Pre-Existing Roofs

Metal roofing products can be installed over the current roofing without having to remove the shingles. This is true as long as the local building codes allow this. Even though removing the shingles is the preferred option, tearing the old roofing off is a messy process and will increase the cost of the job.

A possible issue with this installation process is that water vapor may become trapped. If the moisture is caught between the old roofing and the metal roofing, moisture may begin to build up and cause rot and mold. However, professional roofers can install the proper vented metal roof that eliminates this possible issue. Or, the installation of a new metal roof over the furring strips will raise the metal and create a ventilating air pocket between the layers.

Metal Roofing Is Not Loud

While it is a common belief that metal roofing is loud when hail or rain falls on it, the truth is that, when this material is installed properly, it is no louder than any other material. Usually, metal roofing will be installed over a solid substrate material. Also, the insulation and attic offer an effective sound barrier. From the interior living spaces, most people don’t notice any increase in overall sound levels when they have a metal roof installed.

Metal Roofing Doesn’t Attract Lightning

Some people believe metal roofing will attract lightning. However, this isn’t based on facts. Metal roofing doesn’t, in any way, increase the likelihood of a house being struck by lightning.

Is a Metal Roof the Right Option?

Making the decision regarding the right type of material to purchase for a home’s roof is one that requires a lot of consideration. Be sure to keep metal in mind, as it offers all the benefits mentioned here and more.


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