How to Look for Termite Damage

 How to Look for Termite Damage

Termites might be small creatures but they do plenty of damage to your property. The problem is that these insects do not always advertise their presence so you may not realize you are dealing with termite infestation until they have done a lot of damage to your home. Below are some tell-tale signs you should look for so you can spot the problem in its early stages.

A Temporary Swarm of Termites

Termites sometimes betray their presence by their actions around your home. If you notice a temporary swarm of termites in the soil or on the grounds around your home, this is a sure sign of termite activity. One thing is certain. The temporary swarm means these insects live nearby and they might be doing some damage to the wood in your home. Investigate further and you will find them and get rid of them.

Wood that Sounds Hollow

Termites love to eat your wood from the inside. If you suspect these insects are have transformed your wood to breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is a simple way to confirm your suspicions. Just go round your home and tap on wood in selected areas. If the wood gives you a hollow sound, you can be sure termites are holding meetings in the wood. This means they have done some damage already and are plotting more dangerous moves. Deal with them immediately and you will have peace of mind.

Sightings of Frass

If you notice frass (termite droppings) in or near your house, this is an obvious red flag. It is not likely that the termites responsible for all these droppings come from outer space and leave the frass in your house. The more obvious explanation is that these termites are in the vicinity of your home or they are already inside your home. This is why they have the gall to eat and defecate all over the place. Now, you cannot let this indignity continue. Call in an expert to inspect your home. Get rid of these unwanted insects before they do more damage to your home.

Mud Tubes

This is one of the classic signs of termite infestation. If you notice mud tubes on wooden beams, there is only one logical explanation. You definitely have a swarm of termites causing problems in your home. Now, you do not have to wait until all the wood in your house becomes mud tubes. Take immediate action to arrest the situation before matters get worse than they already are.

Discarded Wings

When termites gather in a particular area, they leave traces of their unwanted presence. In some cases, you might see discarded wings from “swarmers” near your home. Now, those insects did not fly away to a distant destination. They probably ditched their wings and took up residence in your home. Find them an get rid of them immediately. It is in your best interest to do this as soon as you can.

Final Word

As you can see, termites are bad news and you should not accommodate them in your home. Talk to a competent termite control expert, like, and you will get a permanent solution.

Robert Desauza