How to Keep Your Quartz Kitchen Countertop Disinfected?

 How to Keep Your Quartz Kitchen Countertop Disinfected?

Your kitchen countertops can be one of the dirtiest places in the household. Hence, keeping them clean and disinfected should be one of the most important things for you. Since they are related to the food we eat, cleanliness of this area shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. For, your kitchen countertops can be breeding grounds for bacteria.

No matter which countertop material you have installed, each one requires similar care and maintenance to keep looking fresh and new.

So, here a few tips to keep your quartz kitchen countertops in their best forms.

Wipe the spills

As soon as you notice a spill on the countertop, wipe it clean immediately. Leaving the spill can lead to a deep, permanent stain. Use some lukewarm water and a clean cloth to remove the spill. In certain cases, where the spill is difficult to remove, a light cleaning acid or even detergent solution can be used for instant results.

Again, you can use some disinfecting reagent to clean and thereby disinfect the countertop to make it look new every time. 

Always keep your cleaning aids nearby

Keeping the cleaning aid handy will help you to instantly clean unwanted spills and dirt off the kitchen countertop. Make use of soap and warm water to clean the surfaces right after cooking or eating as it helps in keeping dangerous bacteria at bay. 

Here, bleach or even bleaching powder is quite a pocket-friendly disinfectant, and a safe solution for kitchen countertops. Using it rightly can make a huge difference.

Regularly clean your sponges or wiping cloth

Using the same sponge or wiping cloth over and over again would do more harm than good to you. Though it would clean the surface, it will not disinfect it. To clean and disinfect the surface properly, your cleaning aids should also be regularly disinfected. This ensures thorough and deep cleaning of the surfaces involved. 

Try to keep the surface dry

Bacteria and molds are more likely to breed in humid surfaces. Any level of moisture can initiate healthy growth for dangerous microbes. Keeping your countertops dry at all times will reduce the chances of bacterial growth exponentially. 

Pay special attention to the areas around the sink or washbasin, wipe the water spills to keep the whole space clean and healthy. 

In this regard, comptoir quartz Casa Granite assures you an easy cleaning routine while keeping your kitchens tidy and beautiful. 

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