Do You Want to Install A Marble Fireplace? A Step By Step Guide  


Installing a marble fireplace is not a very big deal as you can get plenty of information about how to install marble fireplace on the net. For instance, you can just visit the website of Marblebee Ltd. where you can obtain lots of ideas about it.

Here is a step by step way to install a marble fireplace at home.

  • Plan and measure

To start with, take careful measurements of your area where you want to install the marble fireplace. It will be better if you make a proper plan on paper by using a graph sheet that will offer a better idea about the placement of your fireplace.

This will help you to calculate the required quantity of marble needed for your project.

  • Prepare the surface for marble

Now make sure that the entire area where you want to install your fireplace is flat enough. You may try to fill any hollow space and try to level it properly. You may also apply a few crack materials where dissimilar materials are meeting.

Finally, ensure that all surfaces are perfectly clean and there are no blemishes while applying a thin-set compound.

  • Dry fit design

Start by installing a wooden strip at the top of your marble fireplace surround. Now by using double-sided masking tape, you can dry-fit the marble into the place and check if any pieces have to be trimmed. You can also use cardboard spaces in between the marble for getting it even.

  • Apply the thin-set and also marble

Apply a thin-set coating for adhering to the marble. You can also coax marble pieces into position by using a rubber mallet. You can also secure marble pieces with a certain wood piece and wedge against them, by using heavy-duty masking tape. Allow at least 24 hours to get the marble completely adhere to your fireplace surround structure.

  • Seal and grout

Seal marble by using a sealing compound and also apply grout. Let it get dried up and wipe the area with a dry cloth. To know how to renew marble fireplace you may spray water and clean it.

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