Different types of bathroom faucet in the market

 Different types of bathroom faucet in the market

One can have a tough time choosing a bathroom faucet because the entire market is filled with it. Moreover, the different designs and shapes can lead one to extreme confusion. Not only design, these bathroom faucets vary in shape, sizes, styles, functions too. 

Interior designing experts over the time have recommended choosing a potential bathroom faucet that can suit all styles. If you have been in the market for too long, you need to choose a bathroom fixture that can suit all your requirements. If you are proceeding to buy a bathroom faucet, you need to ensure that you check the market thoroughly. Granite au Sommet has a collection of bathroom faucets that can transform the entire look of your sink in no time. 

Some of the prominent types of bathroom faucets available in the market include the following


If you are looking forward to a combination of traditional and modern-style faucet, then bridge faucets are the right choice to make. In case of bridge faucets, the levelers and faucet have the same origin. Hence, there won’t be any need for three faucets. 

The bridge faucets come with undermount sinks that offer flexibility. These are attached to the bathroom countertops that makes it easier to maintain. As a result, the hygiene and cleanliness is thoroughly maintained. 


Single-handed bathroom faucets are also referred to as single-lever faucets and are the bathroom faucets with one handle. The single lever itself allows to control temperature and water pressure. Not only bathrooms, these are extensively used in the kitchen as well. 

The single-handed faucets are available in the market with one or two holes. So, basically, in most of the cases, only one hole would be needed for the installation. A lot of bathroom faucets are available that have more than two holes and consist of a mounting plate as well. 

Deck Mount

The deck mount faucets directly get connected to the bathroom and kitchen countertops. These vary depending on where it is to be placed, on the wall or on the sink. The deck mount faucets are extensively used for bathtubs and bathroom sink faucets. 


Such faucets function with three holes. All the handles of these faucets are located around 4-inch away from each other. Such faucets come with two handles and spout. But in some cases, the faucet is mounted on a six-inch plate as well for proper fit in the bathroom sink. 

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