Building or Upgrading your Pool? Here are Fire Features Worth Considering

 Building or Upgrading your Pool? Here are Fire Features Worth Considering

In terms of pool design, using fire features is one of the hottest trends to add warmth and excitement to an outdoor area. The fire offers a striking contrast to the water and a welcoming tropical feel. As a result, you and your family will feel like you are in a resort. If you are planning to install a swimming pool and considering adding some uniqueness or inject some flair into your existing backyard setup, below are some of the best fire features you can have your Piscine De Mone pool builders or swimming pool builder phoenix az set up on your pool:

Automated Stone Fire Pits

These features are an excellent way to offset luxurious resort-style backyard pools and landscape architecture. The fire crates bright flames that showcase a stunning sight that transports you onto the deck of a tropical resort. Also, you can take advantage of these fire pits when the weather is cooler and you want to gather people around outside your home and keep warm.

Fire and Water Bowls

Turning the fire and water bowls will produce gently flickering flames and flowing water that offer tranquil sights and sounds to your pool. These features encourage relaxation. When lit at night, the flames will create a comforting glow for those late-night swims or poolside parties. 

Combining the elements of water and fire will give your swimming pool a luxurious touch with a mesmerising effect. By adding these features into your custom pool package, you will create a relaxing and soothing ambiance as well as an outdoor experience that your loved ones and friends will love. 

Fire Table

For a perfect outdoor entertainment, fire tables radiate beauty and heat. You can find them in square, rectangular, and circular shapes. These features come with a flame burner that guarantees maximum flame features for your pool. You can light it manually or sync it to an automated controller. The controller will give you remote access to turn on or off the burner. Fire tables come in various materials and can be customised to suit your requirements. 

Cauldrons and Fire Lanterns

These fire features can create a majestic poolscape. By placing Chinese fire cauldrons and stained-glass lanterns around your pool, you will have a magical atmosphere. You will be able to watch the spectacular show as the flames reflect off the water surface and create shadows throughout your setting. Also, the design of these features serves as the best setting for hosting your dream party by the pool. 


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