7 Cosy Designs For A Perfect Winter At Home

 7 Cosy Designs For A Perfect Winter At Home

With the summer nearly over, residents must begin to consider how their homes will fare during the winter season. The colder weather, for example, as well as the windier and wetter weeks, will put a greater strain on a home, with draughts and damp potentially causing a significant deal of discomfort. With a little preparation, however, most homes are able to improve their living spaces and create cosy designs that are perfect for spending time indoors as the temperatures drop outside.

An Abundance Of Fabrics

Thick rugs, a basket of blankets, and heavy curtains will all help a space to feel comfortable while simultaneously keeping the warmth indoors. Be sure to add as many fabrics to a space as possible, preventing the need to step on cold, hard floors, especially those without underfloor heating, and keeping out any potential draughts.

Darker Colours

Adding a lick of paint to your home doesn’t need to be a big deal. In fact, it can be a great excuse to clean out your living space and make it feel entirely fresh. When doing so, especially before winter sets in, it can be worthwhile to choose a darker colour, one that brings a deeper sense of serenity over energy. 

Many find that warmer colours, such as dark blues, burned oranges, and forest greens, all help to make a space feel immensely cosy, even on a cold day.

Extra Furnishings

Small additions, such as candles and plants, can make an interior space feel cosier., while stylistic and autumnal additions, such as pine cones and dried flowers can also contribute to an aesthetic of seasonal delight too. So, instead of erring on the side of sparsity, for the greyer days it is important to add more and feel nestled within your home.

Cabin Respite

Gardens can be a beautiful place during the colder months but the harsh weather prevents them from being enjoyed. Those with log cabins and exterior structures, however, are able to still enjoy their outdoor spaces without the need to compromise on comfort. Some homeowners even convert their outbuildings into decadent spaces, not only for exquisite comfort but also for creative and professional pursuits too.

Wooden Aesthetics

Modern interior designs tend toward a contemporary aesthetic that makes use of inorganic materials, such as plastics. These materials, especially when used to furnish our homes, can leave it feeling colder during the winter, whereas wood and other natural materials, such as cork and wicker, can feel rustic and comforting.

Warm Lighting

Knowing the difference between cold and warm lighting is crucial for a cosy home. Cooler and blue lightbulbs can brighten a space more effectively but they will leave it feeling cold. Warm bulbs, however, cast an orange warmth and can be ideal to make a space feel appealing during the winter period.

Bring In A Scent 

It isn’t just touch and sight that can help a living space to feel safe and comfortable but also smell too. Residents can quickly become used to a home’s scent, forgetting that it might not be as pleasant as they think, which is why it is important to fill a home with wonderful aromas.

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