Do you know What Are the Advantages of Cork Flooring?

 Do you know What Are the Advantages of Cork Flooring?

One of the flooring alternatives available is cork flooring that very few people often consider. This material is sourced from cork tree, which is mostly found in Portugal. After the cork is properly harvested from its tree’s bark, they are processed into very large sheets.

All these sheets are then baked in kiln and thereafter installed into our homes or any commercial buildings. Flooring Domain which is Australia’s leading floor covering website can help you to find supply for cork flooring material in different finishes, shapes and colours to suit your taste or style.

Usually, cork trees are harvested once after every 9 years, and they can be harvested only from mature trees which are more than 25 years old. Removing the bark out of the tree however will not damage it. The bark will then naturally grow black.

Following are few perceived benefits found in cork flooring.

  • Cork floor is sustainable

Manufacturers of cork flooring are considered as environmentally friendly, as they are integrating waste and various surplus from few other cork products, also employing a production system which is essentially self-contained.

  • Water resistant

Its cellular composition will offer high resistance to moisture. Due to presence of suberin, which is a waxy substance found naturally in cork oak will prevent cork floors from any long-term damage from water.

  • Offers comfort

You may stand on your feet for whole day or work in the kitchen as air contained inside the cork cells offer cushioned feel underfoot. Though it does not offer spongy feel but provides enough comfort to those standing for long time.

  • Appearance

Cork can offer floors a casual and unusual look along with its very attractive texture and also interesting shape options. You will find cork floor-tiles available in triangular, square, and hexagonal cuts. You can also check this out, they can be stained in wide variety of colours.

  • Durable

Quite resilient and can handle heavy foot traffic too. You can find cork floors in public spaces e.g. churches, court houses, banks, and libraries. Cork floors also have very long life and can also be repaired if gets damaged.

  • Acoustical insulation

Among few other advantages of these cork floors, its ability to reduce sound transmission and vibration makes it very useful. Check for garage floor epoxy installers.

  • Elasticity

When cork floors will be subjected to pressure, air in cells is compressed. All the dent will spring back as the pressure will be removed.

  • Anti-allergenic

Cork is a naturally occurring substance known as suberin which prevents cultivation of mould and also keeps away all bugs and mites.

  • Adaptable

You can blend cork floors with any décor. Its dark natural tones will enhance formal settings for dining/living rooms. Lighter shades can be incorporated for family rooms/bedrooms.

Cork tiles in 2 contrasting colours can also be installed in checker-board pattern for creating dramatic effect in kitchens and hallways.

The quality of cork floor can vary widely, and its lower end varieties may be quite disappointing too. Even some time good quality of cork product can also fail to impress by installing incorrectly. So it is very important that you select cork flooring from any right flooring manufacturers. Also, ensure that you hire any reputable professional for installation. 

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