What To Do With A Leaky Pipe 

 What To Do With A Leaky Pipe 

A leaky pipe is usually a flaw from a water connection system that can be found in households or establishments. This is an occurrence that home and business owners in Australia do not want to encounter because it may cause drawbacks to their current situation. Since pipes are located beneath the ground or above the ceiling, the water is exerted by an extreme force which may result in rapid flood and visible water flow around the area.

Most of the causes of leaking pipelines appear naturally, including extremely high water pressure, drastic temperature change, and construction above the pipeline that eventually leads to an unwanted disturbance. Due to these circumstances, individuals become agitated because it may cause mould and stains around the affected area by the water run-outs, which can eventually worsen if remained unattended. The worst-case scenario is when the flood starts to rise. Knowing the fact that water damage can lessen the value of your home, it will be a serious problem once you have decided to sell it. Thus, it may cost you a fortune if your whole house is damaged by this occurrence.

Here are steps you may follow when you notice the signs of a damaged pipeline:

  1. Seek for the Pipeline

To fix the leaking pipelines, you must first search for the place where it is located. If it is located above your ceiling, black moulds will start to be visible. Once you touch that area, you will feel a moist-like texture. On the other hand, if it is located beneath the foundation of your home, you can distinguish it by hearing the burst of water below the ground caused by extreme pressure. You must take note of the details you have noticed to describe the situation to your plumber.

  1. Turn off the Main Supply Valve

To prevent the leakage from creating disastrous scenery before the plumber arrives, you should turn off your water supply system to stop the water from flowing. This way, the circulation of the water system in your home or establishment will stop together with the outburst from the pipe.

  1. If you can, place a Pipe-Repair Clamp on the damaged Pipe.

Remember that this can only be done if you are capable of doing so. If not, leave it that way and wait for the plumber to arrive. This is only a solution that may ease the tension on the pipe and can be a temporary fix while the plumber is on its way.

  1. Call your Local Plumber

Licensed plumbers are professional in this field. They are trained and have adequate experience on how to aid pipeline disturbances. Also, they are trusted to be capable of making your pipe work a hundred percent better once it is fixed. Make sure to keep the hotline in your directory because you will never know when an event like this may occur again. You can find cheap plumbers in Sydney through Google Search or ask someone you trust if they can recommend a qualified plumbing contractor to you.

Moreover, to avoid this from happening, you should be knowledgeable about the pressure of the water that flows in your pipes because some are not sturdy enough to handle extreme pressure. Keep in mind that there are specific pipes that correspond to a certain water pressure. If you were not able to identify the pipe that you needed or the water tension in your home, there is a technology you can use to prevent pipe leakages from happening once again. You can purchase a water softener—a device that removes the hard chemicals in the water—in your local grocery store. It can also be used as a water purifier in laboratories and businesses. It may cost you a fortune, but it is indeed a long-term investment.

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