Use Bi-Fold Doors to Add Versatility and a Style to the Entryway of Your House

 Use Bi-Fold Doors to Add Versatility and a Style to the Entryway of Your House
If you are looking for a full view of your surroundings once the doors to your home are open, bi-fold doors are for you. Their slim frame enables a good view even with doors closed. Bi-fold doors are usually made with glass panes secured with aluminum or timber frames.

The number of panels in a bi-fold door can range between 2-7 to enable easy sliding and stacking against the wall. The panels are arranged with a tracking system and wheels that make their operation smooth and quiet.

You can buy traditional aluminum panel bi-fold doors from The Bifolding Door Factory website. They are competitive and professional and with many attractive designs to choose from. They also offer comprehensive guarantees on all their bi-fold doors all across the UK.

Advantages of a bi-fold door

These doors are a great addition for home extensions and have the following advantages up their sleeves:

  • They can be customized in terms of the number of panels, frame size, and material.
  • They are easy in maintenance and come with many security features to enable the safety of your home and your family.
  • They are also good at protecting from extreme weather conditions such as a hurricane.
  • They provide excellent insulation to the house.

Factors that affect the configurations of bi-fold doors

The right configuration of a bi-fold door will allow it to have the right number of panels that either opens in one direction or folds in a series of moves. All this depends upon these 6 factors:

  1. Your budget will determine how many panels you can afford in a door.
  2. The door should be able to fit in the opening you have in your house and its opening and closing should not be interfered with by any nearby structures.
  3. The color of the door should be able to camouflage with the interiors of your house.
  4. The door should have all the essential safety features.
  5. The door threshold should be able to provide better protection.
  6. Lastly, the thickness of the frames when folded against a wall should not interfere with your view of the surroundings.

Is screening essential?

The screening of a bi-fold door is easy and does not interfere with its operation. Screening also protects your house from fly and mosquito attacks. Flyscreens are important because:

  • They keep the insects away and protect you and your children from any mosquito-borne illness.
  • They are elegant and add a new dimension to the bi-fold doors.
  • They allow the inside air to feel fresh while you enjoy the outside view without any interference.

You can either choose a pleated screen for a more streamlined approach or a retractable screen that rolls out like a cassette to the top of your entryway.

Bi-fold doors are versatile and can be customized to fit well in your space. They are good at providing a seamless transition point between and can also be used to upgrade your garden landscape. They also give a wider appearance to your entryway and make a stylish statement.

Ask an expert architect if the bi-fold door is what your home needs and ask them to establish the size and number of panels would provide the best functionality.

Paul Petersen

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