Top 5 Signs You Need Solar System Maintenance

The sun provides enough sunlight in a day to power the earth for 24 years. As such, using solar energy systems offers a big potential of renewable energy that can last until future generations come. It’s also a great way to protect the world from fossil fuels that cause harm to our greenhouse gases. Solar panels are made of silicon and tempered glass that can last for 25 to 30 years if properly maintained. Every 6 months, you will need to hire solar system service maintenance to clean the units..

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Solar panels are also subject to wear-and-tear. There will come a time that you will need to repair the damages or replace some parts of your solar energy system. If you are observant enough, you can spot them easily and quickly make remedies. Below are the top 5 signs you need solar system maintenance.

Cracks and Broken Glasses on Your Solar Panels. Your solar panels are made of silicon and tempered glass that are durable enough to last for years. But since they are located outside on the rooftop, they are prone to damages from outside elements. Falling tree branches are heavy enough to break the solar panel glasses. This goes the same as flying objects carried by tornadoes. During hailstorms, heavy winds, or snow, big chunks of ice or stone can cause the solar panels to crack. Always remember that even the smallest crack can damage your solar energy system. Dirt and water can enter these cracks and prevent the system to function properly. Once you detect cracks or broken glasses on your solar panel, it is highly advised that you call solar system service maintenance to quickly fix the issue.

Debris on the Solar Panels. You’re lucky if your solar panels are tilted enough for the rain to wash away dirt. But, if your solar panels are positioned in such a way that rainwater cannot fully slide on the glasses, there’s a chance that debris may form within the solar panel. This debris may come from tree branches and leaves. It may also come from dirt carried by the winds. Bird droppings are also a major contributor to such debris. This debris can block the solar panel from absorbing enough sunlight. They hinder the performance of solar panels from producing power. You may be tempted to remove the debris by yourself. But we highly recommend that you hire solar system service maintenance to do it. There’s a risk that you may damage the glasses when removing the debris. Your safety is also at risk from reaching out to the solar panels on the rooftop by climbing a stair.

Lose Wire Connections. You may notice some inconsistencies in the power output of your solar energy system. There are times when it may be caused by the weather. During cloudy days, rain, or snow, there may not be enough sunlight that your solar energy system can absorb to power up your home’s electrical needs. But there may also be times that the inconsistencies in the power output may be caused by loose wire connections. This is susceptible to happen especially when rodents chew them or movements within the house cause them to lose. Once you’ve found any loose wire connections in your solar energy system, it is best to call solar system service maintenance to address the issue. They are licensed to handle electrical wiring problems. It’s also safe on your part not to get electrocuted.

Low and Irregular Power Production. If you notice that your solar energy system is frequently fluctuating power, this is another sign that you may need solar system service maintenance. During sunny days, your solar panels can absorb enough heat to generate enough power for your home’s electricity needs. If it’s not doing such performance, there may be some parts of it that need repair or replacement. Calling solar system service maintenance can help you quickly identify and fix the problem.

Red Light on Your Solar Inverter. Your solar energy system uses a solar inverter to convert the direct current (DC) produced from sunlight into alternating currents (AC) that power up electrical appliances and devices. Nowadays, solar inverters are smart enough to connect to the internet to gauge your solar energy system’s performance. A solar inverter that is working properly displays a green light. But when you see a red light on your solar inverter, it means that there is something wrong with the system. It may be easier for you to identify the problem by calling a solar system service maintenance.

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