Simple and Budget Friendly Designs to opt for your kitchen

 Simple and Budget Friendly Designs to opt for your kitchen

The kitchen is like the heart of the house, where people come together to cook delicious meals with a special ingredient, aka love. It’s the part of the house that gets utilised the most, from morning breakfast to midnight snacking, so if you are remodelling or renovating your house, ask your interior designer for simple kitchen interior design ideas.

You can ask your interior designer to show you their previous projects, and once you have a rough idea of the size and design of your kitchen, you can then decide which simple kitchen interior design fits your kitchen the best. You can also add your own aesthetics to make your kitchen more unique and personal.There are a few things you must keep in mind before selecting the final simple kitchen interior design and we can help you with that as well as give you a couple of budget-friendly and simple kitchen interior design ideas.

There are quite a few modular kitchen designs you can opt for, depending on the size of your kitchen.

L-shaped modular – This is a good fit for smaller kitchens as it saves a lot of space since it is placed in the corners. It also makes cooking convenient for you, as you can carry out all your kitchen duties from the same platform, instead of moving to the other end of the kitchen to switch on the stove or wash the dishes.

Island countertop – If your kitchen is a bit larger, area-wise, then you can add an island countertop in the middle of the kitchen, which you can either use as a breakfast table or place your sink there to wash the dishes, with a disposal bin underneath the sink.

U-shaped modular – If you need movement space in your kitchen, you could go for a U-shaped modular, where you can place your stove on either side of the unit, a sink in the middle, and leave the other platform as a serving platform or breakfast table.

Parallel modular – This is the latest trend nowadays, and many people go for it due to its functionality and also because it doesn’t constrict your moments. This type of simple kitchen interior design saves you a lot of space since it is usually built along the length of your kitchen walls. You also don’t need to worry about hard-to-reach cabinets, as you can install them both over and under the countertop of both platforms.

Storage unit ideas: A kitchen is almost incomplete without a microwave and an oven, and if you’re not sure where to put these essential kitchen elements, consider installing a tall storage unit right next to your stove platform for easy access, and make sure both are at eye level, one below the other.

To make your cleaning process swift and easy, ask your interior designer for either a gloss or lacquered glass finish. And be it a small or large kitchen, always go for light and warm colours such as yellow or orange as they make the space look more spacious and bright, and add a bit of red as the colour is associated with passion, so whenever someone walks into the kitchen, they are likely to feel passionately hungry.

John Warner