Keeping your Round Rock Home Free of Termite Infestations

 Keeping your Round Rock Home Free of Termite Infestations

Termites cost homes and businesses in the United States billions of dollars every year. These sneaky creatures destroy wood and can come silently up from the soil into the wood in your house. Once they are there, they start eating away at your structure for months and even years before being discovered. Because of this, Round Rock homeowners must take action against these tiny home wreckers. 

Where Termites Thrive

Termites thrive in any condition that is not too cold. Their ideal environment is one with a good amount of heat and humidity. As they eat away at wooden structures, they multiply and grow their colonies while sending out reproductive swarmers to build more colonies. This is where Round Rock pest control comes in. 

Reasons You Cannot Discover Termite Damage Right Away

Termites are quite small and they may be inside your walls. While other pests hitchhike into your home or squeeze through cracks and gaps in your walls or foundation, termites stay hidden. As they come up from underground to the wood of your house, they build mud tubes if no wood touches the soil to travel through. Moreover, they are almost completely silent. But, they actually make a clicking noise that can only be heard when you press your ear against a wall they are infesting. This sound is made by soldier termites banging their head against the walls to warn others in their colony of possible threats. 

Importance of Year-Round Termite Protection

As termites can wreak havoc on your Round Rock homes for months or years, it is imperative to have termite pest control hammond la can inspect your home for possible infestations and use effective and safe solutions to get rid of those colonies. Their products for pest control newnan ga are safe for both humans and the environment.

John Warner