How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

 How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom, bedroom and kitchen at home are the most favorite places to many people. And if you can change your favorite places as per your desire, then nothing can be better than that. The expense of bathroom remodel can vary a lot depending on your requirements and approaches. If you install highly expensive products in your bathroom then obviously your cost will go higher. So let’s discuss different aspects and facts which you should keep in your mind during your bathroom remodel.

  • Bathroom Size:

When you are planning bathtub replacement wilkes barre pa in a budget friendly way, then the first thing you should consider is your bathroom size because within a small size, it is easier to implement the cost saving measures. If you make a big size bathroom then automatically your costing for plumbing pipes will get increased. But, sometimes it may happen that your requirements can not be adjusted properly within a small space then obviously go for a large one.

It is always suggested to keep your existing bathroom size as it is.

  • Do-it-yourself:

Do as much work as you can by yourself which will reduce the cost of contractors. If you have planned to execute the entire project by any contractor then also plan for a higher budget. There are so many things in a bathroom remodeling charleston sc project which can be implemented without the help of any external person like buying the products or installing the small things etc. It will definitely reduce your cost a lot.

  • Load-Bearing walls should be in place:

Basically load bearing walls hold up the entire weight like the weight of the roof or the weight of your second floor(if any). So, if you want to replace the load bearing wall then it may require huge structural changes and automatically your cost will get increased.

Now the question arises how will you know which one is the load bearing wall and which not(If you don’t know already). There is a thumb rule to identify the load bearing walls. The outside walls are generally the load bearing walls and the inside walls parallel to the outside one, are the non load bearing walls. So, try to make the changes through non load bearing walls. It will reduce your overall costing and will not hamper your home health.

Now, it may be the case that you want to remove the load bearing wall anyhow for the remodeling purpose. In such scenarios, you should contact some contractors who will guide you. You can do it on yourself as well if you are highly motivated. If you select laminated beams, then your costing will be increased as laminated beams are a bit expensive and your labor cost will also be increased. So to have a cost effective bathroom remodeling, try to avoid using laminated beams.

  • Drywall replacement

In many cases drywall gets damaged due to high moisture in the environment. Changing the drywall is very common and can be anticipated easily. But if you find that your bathroom drywall is not damaged yet, then do not change that. Changing the entire drywall will increase your costing be it your labor cost or the product cost.

If any specific part of the drywall is damaged then plan for the replacement of that particular part not the entire drywall. It will save your costs a lot.

Basically the drywall beside shower or bathtub requires replacement quite often. But the drywalls in other places do not get damaged so quickly.

  • Repair or refinish instead of replacement

There may be several elements in your bathroom which are old, not working properly or do not look good in terms of design. Refinish can be a solution in those cases instead of replacing the entire product. But it is not suggested for every case but wherever it is possible, can be done easily. Replacement of a product not only includes the product cost but there is labor and other costs associated with it.

First think why you are planning to replace the product. Is it just only for design or has it become inoperative? If you are replacing it only for design then do not do that. Just ask your contractor to make the required changes like painting, oiling etc.

●      Standard toilet:

Don’t waste a lot of money in the toilet. Just search the internet and select a standard good one toilet which meets your requirements.

●      Electrical Circuits:

Try to keep your switch board and electrical circuits at one place. Placing switches for different items at different places will increase your wiring cost hugely.

●      Shower and Bathtub:

Replacing the shower or bathtub of your bathroom will be the most expensive thing in your entire bathroom remodeling project. So, try to keep your existing one or slightly remodel your existing one as per your requirement.

Robert Desauza