How to Maintain and Clean a Stone Bathtub?  

 How to Maintain and Clean a Stone Bathtub?   


A tub that is carved from a natural stone is a stone bathtub that you can get from Marblebee Ltd. As an example, stone resin bathtub, artificial stone bathtub, cultured marble bathtub, concrete bathtub, cannot be considered as “stone” bathtubs.

A few common materials used for a stone bathtub usually are granite, marble, sandstone, onyx, travertine, and quartz. Stone bathtubs may add value to your house and offer your bathroom an artistic display and also they are also easy to maintain.

How to remove fine scratches

Your bathtub must be maintained and often scratches can develop after long use, which will also cause mineral buildup. You must follow these steps to remove the scratches:

  1. Get some mildly abrasive type of cream cleanser, damp cloth, or sponge.
  2. On to the sponge, you can pour the cleanser and start rubbing over the affected areas in circular motion. While doing this, ensure that you are overlapping all the circles till you have completed the entire area.
  3. With clean water rinse thoroughly the surface. After you are done you must wipe the complete surface to make it dry.
  4. If still, the blotchiness remains then you must do the above 3 steps.

How to remove minor scratches and cuts?

These can be easily removed even from a marble bathtub without too much extra effort. Follow these steps:

  1. Wash the area as done before.
  2. Instead of drying that area ensure that it remains wet. Now rub the affected area with a sponge scourer. Ensure that you rub lightly and do not press too hard otherwise scratches can get deeper.
  3. You may continue rubbing over the scratch with straight line motion and periodically switching to rubbing at 90° angle. Also, rinse to remove accumulated residue.
  4. Ensure that the scratch is removed entirely.
  5. Use a little water and clean the surface. Then dry the area and check to see whether the sanded area has to blend correctly. If this sanded area is not perfectly matching with the rest then repeat these steps and rub over the larger area so that they blend well.


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