How to Efficiently Use the Space in a 3-Room HDB Home

 How to Efficiently Use the Space in a 3-Room HDB Home

Due to the limited floor space, 3-room HDB apartments are commonly believed to be appropriate exclusively for singles and childless couples. However, with the proper space-saving techniques, these apartments may also accommodate young families!

There’s no need to hire a Singapore interior architect! In this post, we will show you some elegant 3-room HDB interior designs that integrate space-saving strategies and provide you with further advice for your upcoming home improvement project!

Destroy the walls

Removing barriers can suddenly make a space appear more expansive. For example, with a bigger bedroom, homeowners could now set up a pleasant home office near their bed!

You may also choose an open kitchen design so you can entertain visitors while preparing a delectable dinner.

If you’d like, you may distinguish between rooms by using various tiles and wall and furniture colours!

Adopt a fragmented layout

A broken plan arrangement elevates the open floor plan to the next level. This approach keeps the openness of an open layout while subtly dividing the room with partitions and raised floors.

You can utilise various flooring to distinguish the bar and kitchen area and a transparent panel divider to divide the foyer from the dining room.

Sliding glass dividers and doors

Consider glass partitions and sliding doors if you’d like to keep some physical distinction between rooms while generating the appearance of extra space. They aid in making a space appear larger and less congested. However, glass doors are sometimes overlooked. 

In a hurry, guests or family members may walk into the door and get injuries. Consider installing doors with tinted glass to avoid this.

Floating shelves and tables 

Utilising vertical space is another way to make a property appear more expansive. For example, installing floating cabinets and shelves frees up floor space for additional furnishings. You may also add floating tables, such as this compact dressing table, to conserve room and provide more walking space.

Mirrored wall surfaces

Mirrors are the best method for creating optical illusions. Transform your wall into a full-length, floor-to-ceiling mirror and watch as your space expands to twice its original size.

This adaptable concept may be implemented everywhere in the home, even in the walk-in closet! This ingenious design allows the owner to see their whole clothing while “extending” the area to appear twice as long.

Integrated shelves

If you don’t want as much cabinet space and prefer open shelves, try requesting an integrated shelf system from your ID.

By integrating your shelves, you may access your belongings without opening the cabinet doors. You may also place figurines and other decorative objects on the shelves to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance!

Get seats equipped with storage

Some of us may be able to sit comfortably with our shoes on near the main entrance. Consider creating or purchasing a bag with concealed sections for storing essentials such as footwear.

Make use of natural light

Natural lighting has the power to enlarge the appearance of a room. Utilise the abundant sunlight in a tropical nation like Singapore by putting full-length windows or glass doors.

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