How To Create A West Indies Kitchen

Most homeowners want to remodel their homes, especially their kitchens, to make it unique and distinguishable from other houses. Hence, they select designs that are different from the typical residences in their areas or countries. 

Besides choosing between a contemporary, traditional, or transitional designs for their homes, people also select themes to implement in different rooms. Some homeowners prefer a minimalistic design in view. In contrast, others choose to implement a strategy that has a summer vibe and makes them feel like they are holidaying on a tropical island. 

However, before employing your chosen theme and design in your home, including the kitchen, you must learn more about it and know the elements present in the room. Therefore, if you choose a tropical kitchen theme, you may implement a West Indies style for your kitchen to make it unique but still excellent. 

A West Indies style kitchen design derives from a mix of different tropical cultures, such as those from the Caribbean, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, combined with a European influence. Accordingly, you must know the elements that make a kitchen look like the West Indies in style. 

A West Indies themed kitchen should have furniture with tropical carvings and artistic pottery in it. It is essential to have kitchen fixtures made out of wood to make the room more tropical. Accordingly, as wood is a critical factor in the theme, you may select furniture made from Mahogany, Cherrywood, Elm, Cedar, or Walnut. 

Consequently, it would be best if you also put tropical-styled cabinetry in your West Indies-styled kitchen. You can hire a kitchen remodeling company that can customize your kitchen cabinet in Irvine to match your tropical kitchen perfectly. A West Indies-style cabinet can have door styles that are ornate and heavily detailed. 

Likewise, there are available companies that can help design your kitchen cabinet in Orange. It is best to remember that wooden fixtures are essential in a West Indies kitchen. Hence, you can prefer to use a stained wood with a warm undertone from a darker color palette for your cabinets. 

Lastly, a neutral-colored granite countertop can blend well in your West Indies kitchen. It works well with the decorative elements present in your kitchen and invites some brightness and cozy vibe to your brownish kitchen space. 

When implementing a West Indies kitchen design, you should learn more about tropical cultures. It will help you determine which strategies you should employ in your kitchen to make it more distinguishable and produce an excellent summer island vibe. This infographic of Mr. Cabinet Care lists some of the elements present in a West Indies-themed kitchen.
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