Get to Your investment faster with these tips

 Get to Your investment faster with these tips

The real estate market continues to be a seller’s market, especially in large cities. This means that the sellers determine the prices, and a large number of investors and buyers fight for the best properties. There are a few tricks from practical experience that you should take to reach a purchase that suits you quickly.

Today we would like to give you five tips by quadwalls on how you can get to your new investment property faster and more efficiently.

Be The Fastest To Contact You

At the beginning of all price negotiations, there is the first contact. Above all, functional objects are not available for long on the Internet. They are already online, and many interested parties are fighting for the property. Many brokers take the property offline again after just one day. 

Set Up E-Mail Alerts

On the usual portals, you will be thrown dead with sales ads. New advertisements are placed every minute, and others are taken offline again at the same time. To always receive the latest offers that match your search spectrum, you should set up a search agent on the search portals. The setup takes less than 5 minutes and saves you the regular manual screening of offers. You will also be one of the first to be informed about new offers. You can also set the notification period several times a day so that you are ready for use from your smartphone when you are out and about. If there is something suitable for you here, please contact us immediately! It is not uncommon for the brokers to assign the viewing appointments and even the bid in the order in which they are approached.

Store your search profile with the broker

Another way of being the first to list new properties is through the broker databases. Brokers usually work with a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) in which search profiles can be stored. Once you are in the database and your search criteria have been recorded, you will immediately receive new, suitable offers and usually the synopsis as soon as they are available. Depending on the broker, the CRM is used first before the ad goes online on the official portals. In this way, off-market properties are sometimes also offered that are not even provided to the public. In contrast to the entrances, the broker does not incur any costs for using the internal customer database.


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