Choose a mushroom lamp wisely

 Choose a mushroom lamp wisely

The design of the many Mushroom table lamp is inspired by the shape of a mushroom. And for those who might think that the lamp fell on the photo seeing online, you must stop right now, this is the effect wanted by designers. This mushroom atollo lamp is environmentally friendly since it uses low wattage LED bulbs. In addition, it is made with a recycled resin and biodegradable polymers. Last advantage of this light mushroom, the user can change the color and light intensity to create the mood of his choice. Original, ecological and design, a cocktail as you like them.

The lamp “Mushrooms” is made in the shape of a pot in which plants and extraordinary glowing mushrooms from the planet “Pandora” grow. The luminaire operates on a 220 V mains supply, consuming a minimum amount of electricity. A light sensor is built into the night light, which is triggered when the room lighting level drops, so even if the night light is turned on during daylight hours or is near a bright light source, it will not light up. In the dark, the night light starts to light up on its own with a soft pleasant glow, so you shouldn’t worry about turning it on at all.


White daylight presents the objects in their unique colors and happens to add a stylish atmosphere to your home. Perfect for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. Excellent central hall for all rooms.

Energy saving. With high-power, high-power LED light source, with high-efficiency power supply, more than 80% of conventional incandescent bulbs, the same power is 10 times brighter than incandescent lamp, reducing the costs of replacement.

High gloss. High brightness LED chip with ultra-thin and highly permeable lighting mask, turn it on where it needs to be polished.

Emergency lighting. No glare, no flash and no radiation, healthier for your eyes.

Widely used. Due to the absence of flicker and the stability of the light source, the ceiling is perfect for your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom, your office, your office, etc. and offers a modern and warm atmosphere.

Daniel Dona