Ask Few Questions to Your Air Conditioner Installer

 Ask Few Questions to Your Air Conditioner Installer

The air conditioner is an important appliance at home or office that is required to provide you necessary comfort during the summer season. Therefore, it is important that before you do commercial air conditioning installation houston tx, you must satisfy yourself with your air conditioner installer by asking him a few important questions.

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Before you buy your A/C system, you must ask your installer the following questions. Any reputable AC installation company will be happy to provide you with the information that you require.

  • Whether your installers are fully insured and licensed technicians?

Anyone installing/servicing any refrigerated air conditioner must have a refrigerant handling license. This certifies that they are really qualified to work with the refrigerants. Before dealing with them, request to see their license.

  • How long are you in this business?

Be a little wary of technicians who have only a very few years of experience. If they have less experience, then inquire how long the company owner has been in this business.

  • Have you got any physical office where I can visit?

If they have no registered office then reject them.

  • Can you give me a few references in my area?

Any good company having a strong background will happily share the contact numbers of their happy clients.

  • Do you use any sub-contractors?

The best option is a company that employs direct employees under their supervision. If the company employs subcontractors, inquire how they evaluate them for the job, and how the work is going to be supervised, and who will be responsible for the whole job and also installation warranty.

  • Whether you provide any maintenance services?

Better select an installer who also offers comprehensive maintenance. This may make it convenient in the future if you have warranty issues. They will also have an easily accessible person who is familiar with your AC system and will most likely have spare parts on hand.

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  • Do you do also make a site visit?

Every home is unique, and when it comes to air conditioning, a single size may not fit all. Hence, your system designer/installer must visit your location and conduct a thorough assessment to determine what you require.

This “heat load assessment” considers the characteristics of your particular home, such as room size, ceiling height, building materials, insulation, and window position and size. An assessment based solely on floor space will be incorrect.

  • What documentation will you provide before and after your installation?

Before installation, you must receive a detailed quote and contract. If you have not already, you must be given manufacturer warranty information, compliance certificates, and also maintenance schedule following the installation.

  • How long my AC installation will take?

You want to know that if they install then how much time will they take. You need to ensure that your schedule is not affected. By choosing the right air conditioning contractor wailuku hi you can get this job done within a few minutes.

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