4 tips to decorate your garden with space

 4 tips to decorate your garden with space

Setting up green spaces full of plants and flowers is a major trend in the world of decoration. The reason for this is simple: this type of place gives more color, joy and coziness to the decoration. Although it is a trend, not everyone knows how to set up and decorate a garden. Is this your case? So, check out the five tips we have prepared and make a beautiful and practical green space to be maintained.

Use synthetic grass

The synthetic grass is a great ally of the garden, because it is always greenish, without pruning or watering. In other words, maintaining this material is extremely practical and easy. There is also one more detail: as it does not demand the use of special equipment for maintenance or fertilizers, synthetic grass still has the benefit of being economical, especially in the long run.

Invest in a railing

The railing is a type of panel that surrounds spaces, so it is perfect to prevent the free movement of people or animals through the garden. Made with steel resistant to corrosion and deformations, the garden fence has an elegant finish, contributing positively to the aesthetics of the place.

Enjoy vertical space

The tendency is to stick only to the floor, but the vertical space can also be used. For example, did you invest in a garden with a fence? Then, place climbing plants on the panel, to give a special charm to the place.

Set up flower beds

Choose specific garden spaces to set up flower beds. In them, mix different types of plants and flowers, as well as use materials such as stones and vases, which will personalize the decoration and make the environment even more beautiful.

Prepare the site: don’t ignore this

Define the location that will serve as a garden. Check in this space the conditions of light and shade, humidity and ventilation. This information is important to determine which species of plant will adapt best on the spot. If you have large space and want to utilize it, consider having a garden house. See here https://www.surreyhillsgardenbuildings.co.uk if you want to know more.

Generally, spaces with direct lighting are great for growing flowers and fruits. Low light and indirect lighting are ideal conditions for foliage. For a garden to always be beautiful, everything depends on several factors. That is why these advance definitions are so important.

Planting and maintaining the garden

The first thing to do before laying your hands on the ground is to prepare the soil. Find out if the type of plant that will compose your garden needs fertilized soil or more sandy soil. After preparing the soil, it is time to put the seedlings. Pay attention to the correct irrigation, plants can suffer from both the lack and the excess water. Do not forget to make periodic pruning. They are important for keeping the plant healthy. And lastly, regularly fertilize your garden. To make this task easier, write down the date of the last and the next fertilization on a calendar.

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